Best African magician of All time professor Peller

Professor peller performing Magic with bird History of best magicians of all time in Africa.
‘Professor Peller’
Full name: Moshood Abiola peller
was Born in Iseyin, Oyo State in 1941, he was named Moshood Folorunsho Abiola. Many people had thought Peller was a Professor in a university, until when it came to the know that Professor Peller was a stage name he had actually picked for himself.
Peller attended Moslem School, Iseyin and Native Authority Primary School, Iseyin. He started performing illusion tricks in 1954 travelling to Ibadan, Lagos and Oyo for performance. In 1959, he changed occupation and began to work as a representative of G.B.O. and later moved into trading. His interest in illusion continued and in 1964, he attended a school of magical arts in India, where he spent 18 months and thereafter settled in Liberia after completion. In 1966, he had his first post-training show at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

Professor Peller was described as a very romantic man. He was said to have married so many wives but the most prominent of them all with whom he performed his magic tricks is Alhaja Silifat Adeboyin Peller. She was said to have fallen in love with him while she was still in secondary school. She confessed that she had always admired him and his performances even before then, and each time she watched him perform, her heart fluttered with affection for the fine magician with tribal marks. They met in Iseyin Grammar School, Oyo State in 1967. Peller had gone to perform in the school but was carried away by the ravishing beauty in the crowd called Silifat. After that encounter, they became friends and dated for a couple of years before getting married in 1971. Together, they had five children.
While Professor Peller was alive, he taught Lady Peller some magic and ensured she got some training in Michigan, USA. This explains why they always performed together.



Peller laid his wife, Lady Peller into a coffin, cut it in half without bleeding, and raised it back to life.
He locked her in a cupboard, chained the cupboard in a no escape way, but when he opened the cupboard later, the woman had disappeared.
Whenever Peller stretches his white handkerchief up and down, a white dove will fly out of the handkerchief.
Whenever Peller pulls out the two-piece metal cufflinks of his shirt’s sleeves, he will stretch them out and turn them into flowers.
Peller also swallowed a stone in front of all the viewers, turned to the spectators, and defecate the stone that he swallowed live on the stage.



One mistake Peller made, which has been said to be the cause of his death, was to reveal during an interview that the only time he was without any magic was when he was praying. He had revealed during the interview how he respects God and always disarm when praying. This revelation was said to have been exploited by his enemies.
According to history, Professor Peller was assassinated in his home in Ibadan on the 2nd of August 1997, while he was praying. The magical hero only spent sixty-six years, before his life was taken. Interestingly, he was killed the same day that Fela Anikulapo-Ransome Kuti also died.
Without a doubt, it is safe to say that the late Peller popularised the art of magic in Nigeria and polished it to such an extent that not even his children, have been able to duplicate magic. While Professor Peller was alive, he was known as the most brilliant magician in all of Africa. He performed not only before princes but also held kings spellbound with his magic. Unarguably, Professor Peller was the most powerful and influential magician that ever walked the Nigerian soil.


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